History of Sinai Shrine Temple No. 59  ---  Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine


The Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North and South America and it's jurisdictions, Incorporated, Prince Hall Affiliated, has had a long and colorful history in Prince Hall Masonry ever since the fraternal order was established as an Imperial Council of Prince Hall Shriners in Chicago, Illinois on June 3rd, 1893.

Sinai Shrine Temple No. 59 was organized in the Desert of Ohio, Oasis of Cincinnati, on August 6th, 1913 with Noble J.R. Jackson, Illustrious Potentate, Noble William Copeland, Chief Rabban, and Noble Paul S. Jones, Assistant Rabban. The Charter was issued by the Imperial Potentate Eugene Phillips.

Sinai Temple No. 59, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, is primarily a benevolent, charitable, and fraternal organization. Its membership is dedicated to the principle of fostering civic, economic and educational development programs. We are a lifetime member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, (NAACP), the East Walnut Hills Assembly, and make donations to; the March of Dimes, The Community Chest and Cancer Funds. Throughout the year Nobles and Daughters of Sinai visit and present gifts to the Children's Convalescent Hospital, Homes for the Aged, New Orphan Asylum, Longview and Drake Hospitals.

It is of interest to note that the prize banner for the best Shrine Drill Patrol was won by Sinai Temple No. 59, August 11th-17th, 1929 in Chicago Illinois. This was a distinguished honor and the representatives of Ohio were proud of the award. Noble Edward Townsend was Illustrious Potentate and the patrol was headed by the late Captain Sneed. Since then Sinai has come in third place , under the leadership of Captain Daniel J. Neal at the annual competitive drill held during the Imperial Council session.

Members of Sinai, realizing that if Prince Hall Shrine and Sinai is to continue to grow, it was necessary to secure a place in which to expand. It came to knowledge of the members of Sinai that the Elder Council Knights of Columbia Temple at 1647 Clayton Street was sale for sale. Then began the difficult negotiations with the Elder Nights of Columbia. These negotiations were finally agreed upon on March 28th, 1968. Four Nobles, namely Noble John C. Anderson, Noble William Sherman, Noble Clifton Cruciskson, and Noble Roy L. Goosbey met at the Hyde Park Savings and Loan to close the deal. Those four Nobles signed the mortgage, and Nobles Harding Hatcher, chairman; Lambert Sloan, co-chairman; and Hampton Jamison Jr., Headed the Sinai Temple Building company.

Sinai Temple No. 59 was the first black organization to hold a dance at the Old Topper Ballroom which is now Music Hall Ballroom. The first to have a night with the Cincinnati Reds at old Crosley field, September 17, 1964, and to participate in the first annual Ohio Prince Hall Football Classic, East Illinois vs Central State University on Saturday, September 24, 1955, 1:30 p.m. at Welcome Stadium, Dayton, Ohio, with all the net proceeds going to Central State University and the Ohio Prince Hall Shrine Scholarship Foundation.